exhibition view

Kein Ort. Nirgends? / No Place. Nowhere?

solo exhibition at Gallery 14-1, Galerienhaus Stuttgart.

“Utopia… as decoding, as analysis of connections of life, as flexible model for opportunities and as partial evolutional stations, which…. could be any time the basis for new visions of the next generation.” Annett Zinsmeister

The exhibitions show pieces by Annett Zinsmeister dealing with the identity of space and architecture.

10.06.2011 - 10.07.2011 © Annett Zinsmeister 2011

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installation + light box

spatial installation

exhibition view: medial modules, container project

light boxes: virtual interior

Plattenbau 80 x 80

opening speech by Winfried Stürzl, photo © Josh Staudach

opening June 10, 2011

visitors? performance? control? who knows...

visitor in front of virtual interior light box

special thanks to Jörg Walz, Desiree Lempart, Galerie 14-1, Winfried Stürzl, and all helping hands....