annett zinsmeister easter

"Space. Fragment. Formation seems like an ex-hibition "between magnification and wide angle" - this is exactly how the isolated spatial fragments, steel construction puzzles, window and façade patterns and site specific space installation present themselves. Massive. Exciting. Confusing."

"Light and lightness create a magic... Emotion, warmth and liveliness unfold behind the precise contours and cool surfaces. This is fascinating and never boring. It is joie de vivre without obtrusiveness, perhaps one's own projection, but perhaps not either, everyone may conduct this dialogue for himself with his favorite work. And again and again this special light, even in the works that are not light works. The spatial installations reinforce this effect, the exhibition is designed by master craftsmen. Conclusion: Going there. Let it be captured. If possible: Invest."

Solo show in Stuttgart until 23rd of November 2918. Don´t miss!